Metal Fabrication is a value added process that involves the construction of component pieces for machines and structures from various raw materials. As one of the more experienced fabricators in California, metal fabrication includes stainless steel fabrication, aluminum fabrication, custom fabrication and steel fabrication.

Metal fabrication at our California facility involves the construction of structures such as enclosures, platforms, test equipment, structural frames, staircases, or components, such as housings and fairings or, what the customer's drawing, concept or CAD file calls for.

Steel fabrication shops and machine shops have overlapping capabilities, but custom metal fabrication shops generally concentrate on the metal preparation, TIG and MIG welding and assembly aspect while the machine shop is more concerned with the precision machining of parts. Combining the concepts and skills it takes to make precision machined parts to the metal fabrication industry Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. is able to help solve some difficult fabrication challenges.