Precision CNC Machining

CNC machining is one of the many custom manufacturing solutions offered at the Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. CNC machine shop in Southern California. With over 200 combined years of experience machining, Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. offers precision CNC machining for a variety of metals and shapes. Our CNC machining mills are programmed utilizing the latest in numerically controlled programming for Surfware. Surfcam, by Surfware, enables Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. to machine parts in an extremely efficient manner. If you’re looking for a quality CNC machine shop in Southern California, our precision.

What is CNC Machining?

Computer Numerically Controlled or precision CNC machining was initially developed over 50 years ago by a group of machine tool builders involving machine work that needed to be completed for the U.S. Air Force. From its early inception, precision CNC machining was designed to consistently replicate and reproduce parts requiring multiple complex machining steps, eliminating the part-to-part variations of the human machinist/operator. The successful result of a CNC precision machining and 4 axis machining process relies on experienced CNC machining specialists to program the CNC procedure properly, since the entire process, once started, is automated.