Aluminum Welding

With a staff that has over 125 combined years of experience in welding, Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. is an expert in aluminum welding in the Los Angeles area. Possessing extensive experience in the welding of many types of metals, including aluminum. Aluminum welding at Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. is performed per AWS D1.2 specifications. Aluminum welding can be easily done using MIG or TIG welding processes depending on the project, aluminum series selected, and environment the component will be used in.

Advantages of Aluminum Welding

Advantages of assemblies, components and parts constructed using aluminum welding techniques include:
Excellent Strength, including Impact Strength
Outstanding Durability
Low Maintenance
High Quality Welds

An example of a component produced at the Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. facility using aluminum welding is an aluminum shipping pallet for the aerospace industry. Other aluminum welding applications include aluminum irrigation pipes and aluminum engine components. Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. is one of the few welders in California that can weld virtually any aluminum shape, including sheet, tubing, channel, bar, plate and angle.

Ramon Salazar Welding Inc. recently completed an aluminum welding and fabrication project for California Institute of Technology that was an integral component used in testing a new state-of-the art land based radio-telescope.